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Ethereal Ravens is a Military Simulation Gaming Community (PS4/XBox One) centered around strategic gameplay and social interaction while supporting charities.  We maintain four core principles of Honor, Respect, Integrity, and Commitment.  These core principles are what guides us through our daily lives and are a reflection in our gameplay.  We strive for a fair and equal environment based on team building, leadership training, and morale strengthening.  Our mission is to build both a family we can rely on in life and a squad we can count on in the field.


It is our belief that we have a responsibility to help those in need, not only because we have the means but because we have a passion for it. The community as a whole supports Child's Play, a charity that provides gaming for children in hospitals and shelters. Some members have started their own campaigns for charities they hold dear, setting their own goals. All donations whether it be through Twitch, our site, and our store go towards Child's Play and other supported charities. We also try to spread awareness via social media platforms. For any questions please reach out to the Majors.




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All profits go directly to the charities we support.